This is Nui

Nui is a Natural User Intelligence platform that orchestrates the technologies, information and interactions needed to have intelligent conversations across any device, platform or brand touchpoint.

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Nui Virtual Agents

Nui Virtual Agents help your customers with all kinds of tasks, from shopping for complex products to finding help and support or just getting the most out of your products and services.

Seamless Interactivity

Nui’s interface is simple and intuitive. Customers can Speak, Chat and Interact in one seamless experience.

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  • Speak

    Customers speak directly to the Virtual Agent and receive spoken responses.

  • Chat

    Virtual Agents communicate using a combination of rich text and interactive cards.

  • Interact

    The interactive canvas displays engaging visual feedback.

Live Agent Support

Nui enables Live Brand Agents to share content cards while engaging with customers in real time.

  • Synchronistic Conversation

    Synchronized agent and customer screens enable a natural and visual conversation.

  • Agent Dashboard

    Live agents can easily share interactive content with customers in real time.

dashboard screenshots

Universal Intelligence

Nui's cloud-based Brand Intelligence can power multiple customer channels from a centralized system.

  • Google Home

    Google Actions are powered by the same logic engines that runs the Brands conversational experiences.

  • Facebook Messenger

    Nui takes a unique approach to Messenger Bot logic; it externalizes it for easy reuse.

  • Amazon Echo

    Alexa Skills are powered by the same logic engines that power your brand’s conversational experiences.

  • AR/VR Headsets

    Nui has a unique branch of logic designed specifically for VR/AR experiences.

  • Brand Ecosystem

    Nui’s approach to conversational logic powers all brand touchpoints from a single rules engine.

  • Retail Kiosks

    Nui has a unique branch of logic designed specifically for retail experiences.

Technology Agnostic

Nui works with any NLP System, knowledge Engine and technology stack, to manage the state of a conversation and make sure the user is getting the information and functionality they need.

  • Experience Layer

    Compose + Present + Interact

  • Conversation State Management

    NLP + Contextual Memory + Recovery Strategy

  • Knowledge Services

    Manage Knowledge Engines and Related Services

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